Vocal Carnatic Music

Lessons in Vocal Carnatic Music are conducted with a structured syllabus with emphasis on special attention and care for the voice. For boys undergoing puberty, (voice changing period), specific instructions are also given to avoid voice related problems. Group learning is also provided up to a maximum number of 05 students in a class.

Basic Course

Basic course in Vocal Carnatic Music is for the beginners. Basic lessons are the foundation for the development of a vocalist leading from Sarali Swaras to Varnams. Apart from the traditional methods students are provided specially designed techniques for an easy learning of the 12 Swarasthanas and various aspects of Voice.The study is comprehensive with all details of the practical oriented theory to perfect the foundation.

Advanced Course

This course is for the students to learn the advanced lessons like Keerthanas, Group Krities, Manodharma Sangeetham and other items of Karnatic Music. Performers also can join for this course to perfect the professionalism of performance, Microphone techniques and Voice control.

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