Dr. T Unnikrishnan has always impressed me with the exemplary dedication and industry he brings to his research on voice culture. I have had the pleasure of attending his lecture demonstration at the Music Academy, Chennai on this subject.More… His scientific approach to specific techniques of voice production was very convincing and he proved all his points by demonstrating every nuance with élan. The effortless ease with which hetraversed the octaves won the admiration of the discerning audience. His website devoted for voice culture and voice modulation techniques for all styles of Indian Music with facility of online learning, will I am sure, be of tremendous use to all aspiring students of voice culture.I wish him all success in his laudable endeavour.

T .V. Sankaranarayanan

Padma Bhushan Awardee, Sangita Kalanidhi

(Leading Carnatic Vocalist)

Prof. Unnikrishnan is a reputed Vocalist and Voice Trainer. He has conducted many workshops at ITC Sangeet Research Academy and many scholars are highly benefited after following his methods to modulate the voice.I have listened to his voice training methods and it is of high standard. He has developed many rare techniques which work like magic in curing varieties of voice disorders.

Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar

Padmashri Awardee

(Leading Hindustani Vocalist)

I am highly impressed with Dr. Unnikrishnan’s vocal techniques. His online lessons would be useful for the students of vocal music throughout the world. I am happy to know that Dr. Unnikrishnan is doing human service by giving the ideas on using the voice in a proper way and also remedies to eradicate various voice problems.

Dr. S.A.K Durga


(Sr. Musicologist & Voice Consultant)

It was a matter of pleasure to meet Dr. Unnikrishnan and also to attend his workshop on Voiceculture. His vast knowledge and insight into the subject made his workshop very interesting and informative.More… In addition to his academic proficiency, he is himself a very good musician with a superb range in the voice and his expertise in understanding the different styles like Hindustani, Carnatic and Film music further enhances his demonstration skills and he is able to distinctly distinguish the use of the voice for different styles of singing.His tips have been very useful even for professional musicians like me and I wish that he continues this good work thereby benefiting not only singers and musicians but also students.

P. Unnikrishnan


(Carnatic and Playback Singer)

I have attended the workshop on Voice Culture conducted by Shri Unnirkrishnan at Sangeetha Bharathi Trivandrum. The principles and methodology combining yoga, pranayama, meditation etc. has been proved to be very effective and corrective for proper voice techniques. The fact that Shri Unnikrishnan is also a vocalist is an added advantage and proof to the effectiveness of his voice culture techniques.

Dr. B. Arundhathi


(Carnatic Vocalist & Playback Singer)

Prof. T Unnikrishnan is a renowned expert of voice culture. We have organized workshop of Shri Unnikrishnan in our Swarabharat School of Music. He has developed many vocal techniques for classical and light singing, which are highly beneficial for all singers to develop the voice. I wish him all success.

Mohan Sitara


(Music Director)

The workshops conducted by Dr Prof Unnikrishanan are excellent feast for the upcoming singers to modulate their voices & learn the trick of the trade of applying the breathing power in producing different qualities of voice. His demonstration on this aspect in his”voice culture” workshop is out of this world & singers should not hesitate to go even miles to attend it. His presentation is absolutely mesmerising.

Dr. R.D Pathak


(Sr.ENT Consultant)