Dr. T Unnikrishnan has always impressed me with the exemplary dedication and industry he brings to his research on voice culture. I have had the pleasure of attending his lecture demonstration at the Music Academy, Chennai on this subject. His scientific approach to specific techniques of voice production was very convincing and he proved all his points by demonstrating every nuance with élan. The effortless ease with which hetraversed the octaves won the admiration of the discerning audience. His website devoted for voice culture and voice modulation techniques for all styles of Indian Music with facility of online learning, will I am sure, be of tremendous use to all aspiring students of voice culture.I wish him all success in his laudable endeavour.

T .V. Sankaranarayanan

Padma Bhushan Awardee, Sangita Kalanidhi

(Leading Carnatic Vocalist)

Prof. Unnikrishnan is a reputed Vocalist and Voice Trainer. He has conducted many workshops at ITC Sangeet Research Academy and many scholars are highly benefited after following his methods to modulate the voice.I have listened to his voice training methods and it is of high standard. He has developed many rare techniques which work like magic in curing varieties of voice disorders.

Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar

Padmashri Awardee

(Leading Hindustani Vocalist)

I am highly impressed with Dr. Unnikrishnan’s vocal techniques. His online lessons would be useful for the students of vocal music throughout the world. I am happy to know that Dr. Unnikrishnan is doing human service by giving the ideas on using the voice in a proper way and also remedies to eradicate various voice problems.

Dr. S.A.K Durga


(Sr. Musicologist & Voice Consultant)

It was a matter of pleasure to meet Dr. Unnikrishnan and also to attend his workshop on Voiceculture. His vast knowledge and insight into the subject made his workshop very interesting and informative.More… In addition to his academic proficiency, he is himself a very good musician with a superb range in the voice and his expertise in understanding the different styles like Hindustani, Carnatic and Film music further enhances his demonstration skills and he is able to distinctly distinguish the use of the voice for different styles of singing.His tips have been very useful even for professional musicians like me and I wish that he continues this good work thereby benefiting not only singers and musicians but also students.

P. Unnikrishnan


(Carnatic and Playback Singer)

I have attended the workshop on Voice Culture conducted by Shri Unnirkrishnan at Sangeetha Bharathi Trivandrum. The principles and methodology combining yoga, pranayama, meditation etc. has been proved to be very effective and corrective for proper voice techniques. The fact that Shri Unnikrishnan is also a vocalist is an added advantage and proof to the effectiveness of his voice culture techniques.

Dr. B. Arundhathi


(Carnatic Vocalist & Playback Singer)

Prof. T Unnikrishnan is a renowned expert of voice culture. We have organized workshop of Shri Unnikrishnan in our Swarabharat School of Music. He has developed many vocal techniques for classical and light singing, which are highly beneficial for all singers to develop the voice. I wish him all success.

Mohan Sitara


(Music Director)

The workshops conducted by Dr Prof Unnikrishanan are excellent feast for the upcoming singers to modulate their voices & learn the trick of the trade of applying the breathing power in producing different qualities of voice. His demonstration on this aspect in his”voice culture” workshop is out of this world & singers should not hesitate to go even miles to attend it. His presentation is absolutely mesmerising.

Dr. R.D Pathak


(Sr.ENT Consultant)

I was a vocal music scholar learning under Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar at ITC- Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata and was facing voice problems for 2 years. My voice was weak and strained on the higher notes due to hypertrophy on my right vocal cord. It was then I had an opportunity to meet Dr Unnikrishnan, when he visited our Academy for a 5 day workshop on voice culture, in February 2011.More… Apart from the everyday Yoga exercises and Pranayams that he advised, his knowledge and insight on voice is impeccable. The techniques that he told helped me regain my voice. Since then my voice has been improving every day, as I continue to follow his miraculous techniques.

Aditya Sharma

San Diego, USA


I m a vocalist of Hindustani classical music and a senior scholar in ITC SRA Kolkata under Smt Girija devi Ji and Shri Omkar Dadarkar. I used to have severe voice problems very often and singing became very much strenuous. I took voice training under Prof Unnikrishnan and after following his methods I got back my voice. He is a genius person as there is a power in him to identify one’s voice problem while listening to the speaking voice. There are many other scholars in the academy who have benefited by his training. I am thankful to God and Dr T.Unnikrishnan.

Aparajita Lahiri

Ranchi, Jharkhand


I am a Hindustani Vocal scholar of ITC SRA. I took voice training under Prof. Unnikrishnan and his vocal techniques and tips were like medicines for me as it changed my style of voice production with an increased melody and depth on the voice. His training completely eliminated my confusion regarding the voice production and now I am able to sing using my voice with much confidence and enjoyment.I thank him for helping me out!!

Anindita Deb



Prof. Unnikrishnan is my guru, guide and voice trainer. I did my Ph.D under him. He is an extra ordinary expert of voice with a golden voice. He trained me to sing Hindustani Music and Light Music with separate voice techniques and exercises.I got the opportunity to learn from him for a long period and also to attend his practice sessions. With all his guidance I am able to mould my voice to sing all varieties without any strain.

Dr.Supriya Joshi


(Playback Singer)

Initially, while singing & especially when I did shows & events on regular basis, I used to feel soreness in my throat & a definite discomfort on a higher scale & also difficulty to sustain notes for longer period. But I was very fortunate to come across voice culture and to personally meet Mr. Unnikrishnan.More…
I started my vocal training under him and feel a great positive change and improvement in all my skills, be it singing, voice modulation, breathing & holding. Hope to be in touch with him always & seek his advice.
I am really grateful to him for his guidance.

Kabul Rishi

New Delhi

(Light Music Singer)

I had attended the workshop conducted by Prof. Unnikrishnan in Singapore. I am only 14 years old and was so curious to sing ‘manodharmam’ Sir taught me the techniques to create it in an easy way.More… His ideas provided me a clear concept of extempore music and I apply the same during my concerts which is well appreciated by the audience. He also taught some techniques to maintain the voice and improve singing which are very effective. I am thankful to him.

Hiranya. S



I am a student of Unnikrishnan sir, joined online course to learn the voice techniques. I took few personal sessions also during his visit to USA. The techniques and exercises helped me for an effortless rendition. I am thankful to sir for the best guidance.

Anananya Rajesh

Wisconsin, USA


I am a professional playback singer and live performer. Both the fields are related, yet require different techniques to be able to deliver aptly in either. I performed both, but was unclear on the difference as well as proper use of my voice. Learning from Guruji, Dr. Unnikrishnan Sir has provided me the much needed direction I required to channel my voice for any kind of performance.More… His insight is profound. Guruji gives lessons that are personalized for each of his students according to their limitations and requirements, being an amalgamation of techniques, Yoga and meditation. His explanation of concepts made my vision clearer and his lessons have helped me deliver my music without any strain or confusion. In addition to being the perfect Guru, he is a pure soul who anyone will love and to and will benefit from having conversations with. All in all, whatever I sing today, it’s because of Guruji’s lessons that my voice found it’s perfect balance and newfound transformation.

Anurag Sharma

Raipur, Chattisgarh

(Playback Singer)

I am a light music singer based at Raipur. I received training from Prof Unnikrishnan Sir for a period of 2 years. Prior to that my knowledge in classical music and professional singing were limited. Sir guided me to modulate the voice for different songs with his exercises and techniques he also provided me with thorough foundation of classical music, by teaching the structure of different ragas and expressions.More… Within 3 months my level of performance was heightened which I observed from the organisers and the music directors associated with me. Now, with his blessings I perform with full confidence on the stage as well as in the studios. I am highly indebted to Prof Unnikrishnan for blessing me to start a new life in the field of singing.

Shekh Amin

Raipur, Chattisgarh

(Playback Singer)

I have organized many workshops of Prof. Unnikrishnan at Karnal and highly impressed of the rare techniques he has developed to train the singers as per the requirement. I became his disciple and started learning regularly from him.I had lot of doubts about my voice and singing problems.More… After following the instructions my voice quality has increased with more depth and I am able to sing with a powerful voice in all octaves. He has deep knowledge about the subject and his techniques work instantly. I am blessed to get a guru like him.

Dr.Vivek Ranga

Karnal, Haryana

(Bhajan & Gazal Singer)

I am an US based opera singer. During my visit to India I met Voice Expert Prof. Unnikrishnan for analyzing my voice and also for few lessons. I got tremendous change in my voice quality in just two sessions with him and also found less strain while singing.He helped me so much to bring my singing in a different level. I thank him for his great help.

Moses Krish

New York, USA

(Opera Singer)

I am a Hindustani Classical Vocalist, having an A grade in All India Radio, Mumbai. Few years back I noticed that the quality of my voice was deteriorating day by day and finally I had very severe voice disorder. Two ENT specialists treated me but I could not get any good result and I stopped singing.More… I got an opportunity to attend a workshop of Prof. Unnikrishnan at Mumbai organized by Pt. Prabhakar Kalekar and I had my voice counselling there. After following the methods and exercises prescribed by Prof. Unnikrishnan, to my disbelief I got my voice back with complete relief and I resumed singing and teaching with a perfect voice.I believe that Prof. Unnikrishnan could do the correct diagnose of my problem to find out the route cause before prescribing the remedy. I am highly indebted to him.

Dr.Meenakshi Biswas


(Hindustani Vocalist)

I was learning Carnatic music for a long time and eventually started venturing out into singing light music. Using wrong techniques, I practiced and sang light music on my own which resulted in lot of problems with my voice. That’s when I came across the Voice Culture course offered by Professor Unnikrishnan.More… He as an excellent teacher has a very unique style of teaching. He is an adept in the art of combining music and psychology. In his class sessions, he makes one understand the effect of thought process on singing.He is very patient, positive, dedicated and friendly. He gives tips not only related to music, but overall well being. He demonstrated the subtle differences that one has to watch out while singing light and classical music. After a few sessions, I could see improvement in my singing and also could hear myself singing higher notes with ease. Also, he was able to teach a lot of ragas in a very simple and an effective manner within a short span of time.This class is definitely an eye-opener for me. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and regret for not enrolling in this class years ago! I sincerely thank him for his motivation and efforts in improving my singing.

Priyanka Narendar

Florida, USA


Learning music from Unnikrishnan sir was a completely different experience. Even during the first session he did a thorough assessment and found out the strengths and weaknesses of my singing. After the first session he tailored a training program specifically for me to improve on my weaknesses. His sessions are person specific and not a general training program like most of the other music teachers do.More… He teaches using unique techniques which I found easy to practice and at the same time extremely effective.During the second session, due to some technical issues from my side, the call was being disconnected recurrently but he was patiently waiting on the other side without showing any frustration. In fact he was calming me down as I was panicking. He did another session for me without charging any extra fees for it. I found all those things very surprising. As he is a very busy trainer he travels around a lot both in India and abroad. But he always found time for my sessions no matter where ever he was. Being a doctor, I also had lots of time restraints but he was kind enough to accommodate me considering all my time limitations. I am highly grateful for his dedication and sincerity in training me.

Dr.Anoop Dharmadmajan, M.D

Sydney, Australia


My passion towards Carnatic music made me take up vocal lessons at the age of 50. Not having any experience in singing, my shruti and singing were totally out of tune and the voice was not at all trained.More… I stumbled across Mr. Unnikrishnan’s site and decided to try taking up lessons from him on voice culture. Sir taught me some breathing exercises and several techniques in improving the voice and to modulate the voice for higher and lower notes. The sessions helped me a lot and now I find myself singing with more confidence than I did earlier. I also realised I could approach Sir at anytime regarding any doubts even after we had completed the sessions. I thank him for the patience, dedication and commitment shown towards me.

Jyothi Lakshmanan

Dubai, UAE


I was learning Carnatic Music for the last 2 years or so, but was not able to assess my voice and the right pitch in which I should sing. I had pitching and breathing problems. Though, I could sing and replicate a pattern given to me easily, identifying the musical notes or swaragyaan was very poor.More… It has been more than a month now undergoing a comprehensive training under Prof. Unnikrishnan and I have already seen a lot of improvement in all of these aspects. The voice has strengthened and so is the swaragyan.The best part of getting trained under Professor is that he would customize the course content and the practice routines as per your needs and that is quite important as every voice is different.I am indeed blessed to have started learning under him and I know there is still a long way to go, but I am confident about this journey.

Reji Prabhakaran

Cape Town, South Africa


Dr. Unnikrishanan’s knowledge, method, technique, guidance, and support helped me to do things I never knew I could do. He worked with patience and educated me for keeping my voice healthy; he taught me the secret of natural breath control, expanding my range with lots of love.”More… “Dr. Unnikrishanan has developed powerful vocal methods to overcome any issues related to singing. The satisfaction is guaranteed.” “The amount of growth he offers to any singer….it doesn’t matter if the singer is professional or those who are developing themselves. ” ” Dr. Unnikrishanan has so much to offer us no matter in which level we are”.

Mona Parikh

New Jersey, USA


The voice culture classes I had under Prof T. Unnikrishnan gave me a clear concept about my voice and several techniques for improvement. He is an excellent teacher with all qualities He is very kind and patient; always smiling therefore I felt very much comfortable and enjoyed the classes very much.More… He also explained that music is spiritual. He is not only saying it but also practicing it as a way to maintain himself as a perfect human being. I am looking forward for more classes with him including some Carnatic lessons.

Sita Bhagavandin



I have been learning Carnatic Vocal for the past ten years. After receiving advanced training in voice culture from Professor T. Unnikrishnan, I have been able to understand more about my voice. It is an amazing experience.More… Techniques and exercises helped me to hold certain swaras for a longer time than usual and also to sing in higher octave without strain. I am continuing Carnatic lessons with him to learn rare ragas and compositions and also to get more ideas in Manodharma Sangeetham. I am thankful to Professor Unnikrishnan for his generosity and patience for teaching me.

Dhivya Kumaramurthy

Essex, United Kingdom


I have attended voice culture sessions of Prof. Unnikrishnan in Bhillai and New Delhi. His method of voice training is absolutely effective; his various scientific techniques combined with yoga, meditation, food habits, psychology and exercises of Music are very beneficial for all genres of singers.More… He applies different methodology for different styles of singing and singers according to their respective vocal needs. I could find a vast improvement in my voice and rendering after attending his voice culture sessions. I am hereby very grateful to him for being a boon for today’s vocalists.

Neepa Choudhury

Indian Cultural Centre (ICCR)
Kathmandu, Nepal

It has been few classes with Unnikrishnan Sir and I must admit that the sessions with him have been really beneficial for me. His techniques are really helpful in projecting one’s voice in the right way while singing. He simplifies complex things and it really becomes easy for a student to grasp the techniques and adopt the same in riyaaz. His advice on do’s and don’ts for vocal health are really helpful.More… In few classes, I have developed the confidence that under his tutelage I would be able to train my voice in the best possible way. His warm personality adds joy to the training sessions. It is a privilege for me to be his disciple.


New Delhi


The training received from Prof. Unnikrishnan was excellent. I have learned to appreciate music and its nuances to a greater extent. The training was holistic whereby Prof Unnikrishnan explained the importance of having a good diet along with a good presence of mind through several breathing exercises that helped both in improving the voice quality and quality of life in general.More… I would recommend all singers to attend a course on voice culture with Prof. Unnikrishnan as soon as possible.

Dr. R.S Kajen

Bishan Street, Singapore


It is wonderful to learn online from Prof Unnikrishnan. It is one-to-one contact between teacher and pupil as good as, if not better than face to face learning. Learning under him is a great experience.

Rumi Anjana Choudhary

Guwahati, Assam


I am not a professional singer though I aspire to be. I always find my voice very strained and used to struggle when singing in higher octaves. I was only comfortable in middle/low register. It was then I approached Unnikrishnan sir and enrolled for the classes.More… He analyzed my voice and taught me many stretching exercises to improve my range. He told me how to take care of the voice, many Do’s and Dont’s which I was unaware of. He taught me the approach I should take while singing light music and many tips and exercises which should be part of the daily ‘Sadhakam’. Now it’s more than a month since I have been practicing the lessons and I feel my voice is not strained now and I am sure by regular practice I can achieve my goal. I find this class highly useful for me. I take this as a great opportunity in my life.

Anju Peter



It is really worth having trained by Prof.Unnikrishnan, he has tremendous knowledge about vocals and how to design your singing style, I have came out of my fears and feel more confident to face the audience. Thanks to Voice Culture India.

Anita Santosh

Ajman, Sharja, UAE


I received online training from Prof Unnikrishnan to get rid of my singing problems. I followed all the breathing exercises and techniques advised by him and glad to say that there is lot of improvement in my voice and breath control; the cracking of the voice is occasional and hope to get over it soon .My pitch is also more or less stable now. I would like to thank him for all advice and guidance.

Madhavi Rajagopalan



I found the online classes very useful in increasing my vocal range and depth. Prior to the voice training, I used to experience a great deal of strain and found myself becoming hoarse after singing one hour. Now, singing is effortless, and reaching the upper stayi notes is quite easy.The combination of breathing techniques and voice lessons taught, improve the voice very quickly. I thank Professor Unnikrishnan.

Subhadra Muthuswami



I belong to IT industry and wanted to improve my voice for various purposes. When I started the online lessons with Unnikrishnan Sir I was quite new to the art of Voiceculture and knew nothing. But all my worries were sorted out in the first class itself. Sir was very patient and humble to make sure that I understand the things well.More… I never felt it was an online class.His guidance in Voice Techniques was extremely helpful to me. The good part of sir is that his association with students does not end with the course. Students can approach him anytime and he helps. I approached him almost after a year to take guidance on correcting my Hindi linguistic / pronunciation. He responded to my mail and guided me. This virtue is seldom seen in today’s materialistic world.His guidance in voicing was extremely helpful to me. The good part about Sir is that his association with students does not end with course. Students can approach him anytime and Sir helps. I approached him almost after a year to take his guidance on correcting my Hindi linguistic / pronunciation. He responded to my email and guided me. This virtue is seldom seen in today’s materialistic world. His basic course was about enhancing breathing and placement of voice at back / middle and front of mouth and various other techniques. It was very useful in my day to day life. I learnt yoga breathing, controlling breath, importance of breath in voicing, placement of voice in mouth, taking a pause at correct time etc. Sir explained everything nicely with plenty of examples.Above all Sir is very much committed towards students; it is up to us (Students) how much we can take from him.




I am a student of Vocal Carnatic Music. I am perusing my research in Voice Culture for the degree of Ph.D. I contacted Prof. Unnikrishnan to discuss some points regarding my research. But after that I took online training from him to improve my voice. After following the techniques and exercises prescribed by Prof Unnikrishnan my voice clarity in Mandra Sthayi has improved a lot after about one month practice.

Ashwini P. R



An eye opener my Guru is to me. I came to know what the right way of singing is and what is not. I have seen enormous improvement in the way I sing now. All the vocal exercises he has taught are very helpful for improving vocal quality.More… It is always a pleasure attending Sir’s class where one can gain confidence, proper way of singing and peace. Listening him itself gives happiness; learning from him gives even more joy and bliss. The way of approach and friendly attitude will make one wait for the next class and it really increases the eagerness in learning good music. I am indeed blessed to be a student of Sir.

Sumithra Veeraraghavan



I am currently studying Hindustani Classical Vocal Music with a scholarship from ICCR. I came to India for higher studies which happened to be a turning point in my life by meeting the great personality in the field of voice culture.More… I joined for the voice class under my respected guru Prof. Unnikrishnan to improve my voice quality but after my association with him I found that I am improving not only with my voice but also with more expertise related to musicianship and performance. His techniques and exercises are rare and scientifically based. Presently I am learning Voice Modulation Techniques and also Carnatic Music from him.

Lahiru Gimhana Komangoda

Colombo, Sri Lanka


I am a Semi-Pro singer based in the USA. Have done over 400 live shows in the past 20 years. Dr. Unnikrishnan Sir’s sessions were immensely valuable to me. Although I have been trained in classical music, and have been performing light/ film music on stage, I methodically learnt various techniques of light music singing only now.More… Dr. Unnikrishnan sir’s training’s real value is in the minute tips that he teaches, demonstrates and lets you practice. Starting from basics of ‘vocal cord’ as an instrument to yoga to practice techniques to performances, there is so much to learn from him. I only wish I had taken his training years ago!

Prasanna Ganapule



I am learning Vocal Carnatic Music under Prof Unnikrishnan. I also had few sessions to improve my voice. I was having many problems catching notes and staying on the beat. However within a few sessions, I noticed myself feeling much more comfortable with those aspects and was able to reach notes both high and low, that I was impossible previously.More… Dr. Unnikrishnan is patient and helping to adapt to my learning style.
I am a Hindustani Vocal scholar of ITC Sangit Research Academy, Kolkata and disciple of Pt. Ullas Kashalkar. I had lot of voice problems mainly with my voice throw and lack of depth. I took voice training under Prof. Unnikrishnan and applied his techniques and saw that the structure and quality of my voice got changed with more depth and range. He also improved my diction. It is a fantastic experience to learn under Unnikrishnan sir. For me it is a miracle. I sincerely thank him from bottom of my heart and will continue to take advice from him.

Pranav Chandramouli

Chicago, USA


I am a Hindustani Vocal scholar of ITC Sangit Research Academy, Kolkata and disciple of Pt. Ullas Kashalkar. I had lot of voice problems mainly with my voice throw and lack of depth.More… I took voice training under Prof. Unnikrishnan and applied his techniques and saw that the structure and quality of my voice got changed with more depth and range. He also improved my diction. It is a fantastic experience to learn under Unnikrishnan sir. For me it is a miracle. I sincerely thank him from bottom of my heart and will continue to take advice from him.

Shripad Limbekar

Parbhani, Maharashtra


I did my research under Prof. Dr. T. Unnikrishnan who inspired and motivated me to take up this wonderful subject, Voice Culture. His own in-depth study & experience in this field has given me an opportunity to analyze various aspects of Voice Culture minutely.More… I am grateful to have him as my guide during my research in this subject.His voice training helps to understand basic concepts about voice culture technique, diaphragmatic breathing, Omkar Sadhana and other scientific techniques for the laryngeal control.

Dr.Supriya Bharatheeyan

Bilaspur ,Chhattisgarh

All India Radio (Transmission Executive)

“I am a student of Carnatic Vocal Music and I experienced acute problems related to my voice changing process. Due to hoarseness in my voice and pain, singing became almost impossible. I received online training from Unnikrishnan Sir and followed all the breathing exercises and techniques suggested by him. As a result there is lot of improvement and in a very short period of time I could recover my voice to sing with ease and proper breath control. My pitch is also more or less stable now. I thank Sir for all the help and guidance.”

Guruprasd Iyengar