Voice Training for Untrained Singers

There are many highly talented light music singers who are not trained in Classical Music or Voice Modulation. Most of them adopt the way of imitation to sing. Imitation can often end up compromising the quality of a singer’s voice and result in serious problems.An amateur singer is one who uses the vocal organs for singing, in the same manner as it is used for speaking. For the act of speaking we only use a limited potential of our vocal mechanism but for singing, it must be enhanced and brought up to full utilization. An untrained singer uses primarily the front portion of the mouth, to throw the voice and the voice becomes too sharp and thin. This happens due to the ignorance of using the pharyngeal area in the voice production. Similarly, an untrained singer throws the breath using the neck muscles or chest muscles while singing, unlike the trained singer who breathes from the abdomen.This course is designed with a combination of specific voice lessons, fundamental elements of Classical Music and counselling techniques for stage related phobias. Singers from all regions can join in this course.

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