Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enrol for Carnatic Music directly or I need to enrol for the voice sessions?

If you have any voice issues like strain, difficulty to sing in lower and higher octaves, breathing problems etc, it is advisable to have voice training first, otherwise you may directly enrol.

How to know fee structure of all courses?

When you enrol for a course, a package will be sent to you with all details.

Who can enrol for 8 sessions for voice training?

This course will cover the voice examination and remedial measures for a single identified problem.

I wish to know about the frequency of classes?

Generally the frequency is once a week. However it can be increased as per the need and also a request from the student.

Is there a set syllabus for the courses?

Syllabus is followed for Classical music. Voice training is imparted as per the individual need.

Who can enrol for group classes?

Anybody can enrol for group classes. Group classes are provided only for vocal Carnatic music and online workshop.

Is there any training for voice users other than singers?

Professional voice users like actors announcers are also need a quality voice. There is no separate training programme for them. Most of the techniques related to breathe control and depth of the voice will help them also to enhance the quality.

Is Yoga taught in the voice training?

Some breathing exercises are taught to singers with problem of breathe management. Some yoga techniques are incorporated as per the individual need.

I am an amateur singer, practicing with karaoke system. Is there any course for me?

The course ‘Voice training for untrained singers’ is the proper course to join.

I have to clear some more doubts. How is it possible?

Send an email with doubts or to get an appointment with the voice expert.