Organize Workshop

Workshop on Voice Culture

Workshop can be organized for the following categories

  1. Students of Music (Carnatic & Hindustani)
  2. Professional Singers & Music Teachers
  3. Light Music Singers

The Workshop offers

Voice Counseling & Voice Analysis sessions to improve the voice quality and to overcome the voice problems

Techniques to improve Range & Depth of the Voice

Techniques for effortless singing in all octaves without strain

Techniques of Voice Leveling to sing various styles of music

Techniques to get rid of phobias like Stage fear, Anxiety, Tension and Nervousness

Training to enhance the breathing capacity and right way of breathing

Training of Tone Placements for Voice Modulation

Knowledge of various Voice Disorders and preventive measures

Exercise package for daily practice to maintain the voice

Voicecultureindia can be reached at phone or via e- mail.

(+91) 9425560654